Perseid Meteor Shower Trip and Photo Workshop


Perseid Meteor Shower Trip and Photo Workshop


Hi all,

So after an extremely successful workshop at Mont-Mégantic Dark Sky Preserve, I've decided to begin planning a second photography workshop and adventure at the La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve from the 11th of August until the 12th!

We have space for a maximum of 6 people.

I will provide transportation to the park, the ticket price includes access fees to the wildlife reserve, the campsite, a nice big and comfortable SUV that will fit everyone, gas, , the campsite, water, and of course, many hours of photography workshopping that will be on-going intermittently throughout day and night. 

This workshop will give you the chance to spend time in a beautiful wildlife reserve, work together in a group in a new environment with awesome and interesting people, and improve your photography skills like crazy in just one weekend (just ask people from my last workshop!)

As the sun sets, we will set up by the water to shoot the sunset and if the sky is clear, we'll have the opportunity to photograph the stars and maybe even the milky way. If your DSLR has video capabilities, and you’d like to better understand how to use it, I will also be taking some time to teach about it.  

This workshop is available to people of ALL skill levels. Those who have come on previous workshops will be given an access code to receive a 15% discount on the ticket price of this trip. 

What you'll need to bring is:
- A DSLR camera and whatever lenses you have! (something wide-angle with a low aperture is best!)
- A sturdy tripod
- A sleeping bag, blanket, sleeping pad and pillow for sleep
- Food and snacks to feed yourself for the duration of the trip
- Bathing suit and towel if you aren't afraid of the fresh water sharks..
- Sunscreen and a hat
- Your can-do attitude

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