Hypnotize Me (E51)

A conversation with hypnotist Dominique LaRoche about the importance of focus and attention, and the nature of consciousness.

The Safecracker (E48)

A conversation with Rodney Rourke, one of the best safecrackers in the world, about being your own boss, working with your hands, and staying free.

Mundia and Modia (E44)

A conversation with polymath David Boxenhorn about the two worlds we simultaneously live in: Mundia, the natural world of immutable laws, and Modia, the ever-changing social world.

Murder in Canada (E43)

A conversation with criminologist Tanya Trussler about violent crime in Canada. Professor Trussler teaches in Mount Royal University's sociology department.

Fathers and Sons (E42)

A conversation with Christopher "Wally" Wallace, a former gangster and ex-con with a history of violence. After getting shot by a crack dealer, Wally decided to turn his life around for his infant son and become the father he never had. He's spent the last few decades helping messed up guys turn their lives around. Wally has a unique, if decidedly rough-at-the-edges, perspective on what's wrong with men and boys in the 21st-century West.

Complex Systems (E41)

A conversation with Yaneer Bar-Yam, president of the New England Complex Systems Institute, about markets, pandemics, ecosystems, climate change, uncertainty, invasive species, and much else.