Wandering the Americas (E22)

Ingrid Bejerman talks with us about falling in love with Montreal, growing up in Brazil, art, literature, the complicated history of the Jews in the Americas, and much else.

The Perils of Praise (E21)

Andrew Miller is a public-policy professional with experience in project management, policy development, program delivery, stakeholder management, and financial oversight. 

In this podcast, he talks to us us about the perils of praise, the importance of self-promotion, the nobility of civil service work, transportation ethics, self-driving cars, sustainable development, and the vicissitudes of urban planning in the rapidly changing environment of 21st century Ontario.

The Uberisation of Education (E20)

Graeme Blake is an entrepreneur who talks to us about teaching law school applicants how to game the LSAT, the strategies and challenges of starting and running a business, and the future of education. 

In God's Country (E19)

Fred Bode talks with us about Christian America’s newfound disinterest in personal piety and progressive America’s newfound obsession with it; the future of the Republican Party and American Christianity; the Gold Rush culture of Hollywood; and much else.

If it Bleeds, It Leads (E18)

Matthew Hays is a professor of film studies at Concordia University who talks to us about the Golden Age of Television, the demise of professional journalism, the relationship between the idea of fake news and the media studies of the 1990s, VICE magazine, the Montreal Mirror, and much else.

Terrorism and Toronto (E17)

Stephen Marche is a Toronto-based writer who talks to us about Toronto's heroic response to the recent van-attack; the relationship between celebrity and terrorism in a celebrity-obsessed age; the 9/11 museum, and much else

When the United States Spoke French (E16)

François Furstenberg is a Johns Hopkins University historian and author who talks to us about the relationship between the U.S. and the French Atlantic World in the 18th-century Age of Revolutions; French émigrés who fled the French Revolution and settled in Philadelphia; slavery and nationalism in the post-revolutionary U.S.; the brutality of the efforts to suppress the Haitian Revolution, and much else.

Drinking with the Enemy (E15)

Joseph Rosen talks about Canadian Trumpsters, political polarization, Satan, Jordan Peterson, and Rabbis doing LSD in Jerusalem. Warning: there's lots of swearing at the end.

From Political Science to Political Candidacy (E13)

Kimberley Manning, head of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, talks about why she's leaving academia for politics; why she chose the Liberal Party (as opposed to the NDP); how her prolonged study of China's Great Leap Forward has shaped her view of progressivism; trans rights and the founding of Gender Creative Kids; the role of faith, compromise, and activism in political life, and much else.

A Tolerance for Chaos (E11)

Stephen Marche talks with us about Rob Ford, Doug Ford, Megan Fox, Jordan Peterson, celebrity politics, Vice magazine, the brutality of the male libido, sex and gender in the age of MeToo, werewolves, residential schools, being a dad, living with contradictions, and much else.

The Wolf of the Mountain (E10)

Francis Fortin is a resident radiologist at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montréal - we talk about the role of doctors in the 21st century, hyper-specialization in medicine, the role of artificial intelligence in medical technology, patient absenteeism, physician-assisted suicide, and the right to die. 

The Conscience of a Liberal (E09)

Daniel Weinstock talks with us about the resurgence of populism, identity politics, and the demise of the big-tent party; the relationship between cultural diversity, ethnic nationalism, and support for the welfare state; the differences between the American and Canadian systems of government; the North American law school's newfound love of philosophy; the ethics of meat consumption and the future of antibiotics; being a public intellectual; the relationship between city living and the risk of psychosis, and much, much else. 

The Tyranny of Twitter (E08)

Jonathan Kay talks about social media, the crisis of authority, right-wing populism, left-wing piety, holy watching, Lindsay Shepherd, Doug Ford, Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump, the future of the CBC, and much else.

Drawing Blood (E06)

Aaron Haspel tells us why we should go to college, avoid politics, be as superficial as possible, get rid of democratic elections, abolish school, and bring back child labor.