JACKALOPE is an action sports festival that happens every year which takes place at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. This is my second-year covering the festival and it was so incredible watching these young world-class climbers compete and climb for this huge crowd.

Athlete: Jakob Ellis

Camera: Nikon Z6

Lens: Nikon 24-70 F4 S-Line

Settings: 1/200, F5.6. ISO 400 - external flash: Nikon SB-900, 1/8 power

Perseid Meteor Showers at the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve

This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to go out and watch the Perseid Meteor Showers for the 4th year in a row. Every year I make the trip out to a remote location to witness this incredible celestial event where earth moves through the trail of the Comet Swift Tuttle’s orbit; allowing us to see its remnants burn up in earth’s atmosphere. Despite the moon being in the waxing gibbous phase, we stayed up late enough to have it set behind the mountains, giving us a crystal clear view of the Milky Way and the thousands visible stars.

On top of this amazing phenomenon, what brings me to remote places hundreds of kilometres away is the calm sense of connection that one gets when spending time in nature. Removing yourself from your everyday life and putting myself into a remote forest never fails to reduce my feelings of stress and always improves my mental clarity after a few days. There have even been some studies that show that being in a forest can boost our immune system and improve focus. Patients recovering from surgery who have a “green view” from their hospital beds even tend to recover faster than those who don’t.

There is still plenty of time to escape the omnipresence of LED screens and orange traffic cones before the summer ends. Feel free to message me for recommendations on where to spend time in nature in Quebec!

Photo taken on the Nikon Z6

Lens: Nikon 14mm-24mm F/ 2.8

Settings: 25”, F/ 2.8, ISO 5000

Snow Capped Mountain in Yosemite National Park

When you go to a place that’s a often traveled as Yosemite, one may find some difficulty in getting a unique perspective on the park since it’s covered so frequently by so many talented artists. This shot represents what I believe to be the most unique photo I took during my explorations of @yosemitenps .

Despite the fact that it was Spring, the top of the mountains were still totally snowcapped and the trees frosted over from the intense snowstorms the park received in Winter 2018-2019. ❄️🏔

Half Dome - Yosemite National Park

One of the reasons I got into nature photography was because of the overwhelming sense of awe that I experienced when I was surrounded by wilderness.

The driving force behind almost artistry is the desire to convey one’s own unique experience to viewers through whichever medium one chooses to express themselves. And with my photography all I could hope for is to capture and share these small moments of awe with others.

Behold the beauty of Half Dome 🌿🗻

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Yosemite National Park Holy-Grail Timelapse in 4K

I did this using my favourite aftermarket camera accessory, the Timelapse View. It’s an intervalometer that measures changes in light and adjusts the settings of my camera using complex algorithms to make for a smooth day to night transitions. Thanks to Elijah Parker for making this device happen and giving me the computing power to capture all these beautiful scenes so perfectly.

Shot on Nikon Z6: https://bit.ly/2Rg2byR

Lens: Nikkor 50MM 1.8 S - https://bit.ly/2I1NXjA

Timelapse View: http://www.timelapseplus.com/

Rainbow on Bridalveil Falls

Just as we showed up to Tunnel View to shoot the timelapse of the sunset, I looked ahead at Bridalveil Falls to see a multi-coloured rainbow emanating from the 180-metre high waterfall.

I often think that capturing beautiful things in nature is 50% about putting yourself into the environment to witness beauty, and 50% about waiting and hoping for a serendipitous moment to arise by chance.

This photograph is a testament to this strategy and I'm extremely grateful for having witnessed this during my short stay in Yosemite National Park.

The photo was taken on the Nikon Z6 using the Nikon 85MM 1.8G - my settings for this image were 1/8000, f / 2.8, ISO 100.

El Capitan

In Yosemite National Park, one of the most remarkable rock formations is that of El Capitan. It’s the face that Alex Honnold free solo’d in Free Solo, and Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson climbed in The Dawn Wall.

I was very lucky to capture this scene on a day with mixed clouds and sun. Shooting landscapes without any clouds or additional elements in the atmosphere can lack drama. If you’re ever out shooting in the wilderness, a good tip is to never underestimate the beauty that inclement weather can provide you.

Camera: Nikon Z6

Lens: Nikkor 85mm 1.8G

1/320 at f / 1.8, ISO 640

Parc National Jacques Cartier - Astrophotography

Had a great time at the Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier this weekend :)

I shot this on my new Nikon Z6 with the new Nikon Z 50mm S-Line lens. In order to get this shot, I looked for the darkest place in the sky where there was no skyglow from Quebec City (which this park is less than 30KM from!

I find that the best way to capture the Milky Way galaxy and all of the stars that you can't even see with the naked eye is to shoot at a very, very low aperture number. So I set my lens to f / 1.8 and my shutter to stay open for a whole 25 seconds so that my sensor had as much time as possible to capture the light from the stars without having them visibly trail in the sky.

In order to capture this much light from such a faint source of light (the stars), I tend to boost my ISO up to anywhere from 2000 to 5000 depending on how dark it is. In this case, I set my ISO to 3200 and was very happy with the results.

With my eyes, I could just barely see the mountain as it sat in almost perfect darkness, which is why it photographed so beautifully with the stars in just one exposure.

Perseid Meteor Showers, 2018 - Seb Furtado Photography Workshop at Reserve Faunique La Verendrye

This photo was my favourite of the photos that I managed to grab at my latest Perseid Meteor Shower Trip and Photo Workshop.

After a 5-hour drive north to get to our campsite at the Cabonga Reservoir at La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve, everyone was ready to get out and start exploring and learning a thing or two about photography to prepare for the night's spectacle.

La Verendrye is actually the ONLY level 1 bortle scale site in all of Canada - meaning that it has almost ZERO light pollution. We crossed our fingers hoping that after some scattered showers along the way, that the skies would clear up by nighttime, and did they ever.

After some great conversation mediated by Vent over Tea's founder Chloe Chow in front of the bonfire, we headed over to the beach to look up at the overwhelming number of stars blanketing the sky.

While the Perseids were not as active this year, everyone on the trip agreed that this was the most stars they had ever seen anywhere in the world, we even saw some multicoloured fireballs streak and explode in just an instant.

Extraordinary events in nature remind us of our mortality and of the complexity of existence. Peering into the naked galaxies forces us to face questions about our own existence, that, depending on how you see things, can be either profoundly disturbing or deeply comforting.

And with that, thanks to everyone who joined me on this adventure. I hope much was learned, and I hope to have you on the next trip.


Camera: Canon 6D

Lens: Sigma 20mm 1.4 Art Series Lens

EXIF: 6 Photo Panorama, 25 seconds each exposure, F/1.4, ISO 3200


Athlete Portrait: Alexandra Morin, Sport: Dressage

I recently had the opportunity to shoot this amazing athlete portrait of equestrian and Dressage rider Alexandra Morin at the beautiful Khalani Stables.  

Alex has been riding since the age of 8 – most of her career has been spent as a hunter jumper, competing in provincial and international circuits. She has recently switched over to the world of dressage thanks to her local coach, Evonne Hart, who has dedicated herself to Alex’s development as a rider over the past several years. Alex has been commended to top riders in the US and Canada, and has worked for Grand Prix rider and trainer Bianca Tota. Her goals in Dressage are to reach and compete at the Prix St-George level and above to become the best trainer she can possibly be. 

St-Gilgen, Austria

I feel immensely privileged to have been able to witness such beauty scenery in my lifetime. This is one of those rare moments where I feel that an image I've taken transcended the beauty of moment itself.

This is in St-Gilgen, Austria.

Of Feeling

"Of Feeling little more can be said, than that the idea of bodily pain, in all the modes and degrees of labour, pain, anguish, torment, is productive of the sublime"

- Edmund Burke, A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful