Sunset over the Sahara - Merzouga, Morocco

After spending days travelling in a van in the sweltering heat of Morocco, we finally arrived in Merzouga - a small Moroccan town in the Sahara Desert that borders Algeria.

Because the A/C of the van was broken, everyone would periodically pass out due to the sheer intensity of the heat. We stopped every 30 minutes on the highway to pick up frozen water bottles and ice cream to keep our body temperatures down.

Once we arrived, we rode on camelback into the desert during sunset. Taking photos here was extremely difficult because of the jerky gait of the camel, but I was lucky enough to snap this shot of the sun setting over the Sahara as the Berber guides took us towards our camp for the night.

I took this photo with a Canon 6D and 24mm-105mm F4 Lens (the first version)

Camera Settings: 1 / 250, F/ 10, ISO 200, 24MM