Dorel Industries - Project Brief

This project was presented to me by digital marketing agency, BAM Strategy. The scope of the project was big - completing this project required 70 hours of photography, 120 hours of photo retouching, and nearly 130 hours of video editing.

At the onset of the project, the goal was made simple: photograph over 60 unique items for Dorel’s furniture brands which include Dorel Home Products, CosmoLiving, and Novogratz. Each piece would require between 8-12 final retouched images for the express purpose of creating one 30-second long, 360-degree product video to be featured on the e-commerce stores of Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart for each product.

Each set of photos and videos went through two a two-layer revision process where all stakeholders involved in the project were given the opportunity to check the work and provide suggestions for revisions if desired. Batching revision requests into sets of 10 or 20 ensured that project management hours were contained and revisions were completed with the fewest number of correspondences possible. This approach freed up hours for BAM’s project management team, and allowed me to post-process and manage my own team of editors who worked on this project.

The project was a success and I look forward to completing more projects like this.

Enjoy the work below.