Perseid Meteor Showers, 2018 - Seb Furtado Photography Workshop at Reserve Faunique La Verendrye

This photo was my favourite of the photos that I managed to grab at my latest Perseid Meteor Shower Trip and Photo Workshop.

After a 5-hour drive north to get to our campsite at the Cabonga Reservoir at La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve, everyone was ready to get out and start exploring and learning a thing or two about photography to prepare for the night's spectacle.

La Verendrye is actually the ONLY level 1 bortle scale site in all of Canada - meaning that it has almost ZERO light pollution. We crossed our fingers hoping that after some scattered showers along the way, that the skies would clear up by nighttime, and did they ever.

After some great conversation mediated by Vent over Tea's founder Chloe Chow in front of the bonfire, we headed over to the beach to look up at the overwhelming number of stars blanketing the sky.

While the Perseids were not as active this year, everyone on the trip agreed that this was the most stars they had ever seen anywhere in the world, we even saw some multicoloured fireballs streak and explode in just an instant.

Extraordinary events in nature remind us of our mortality and of the complexity of existence. Peering into the naked galaxies forces us to face questions about our own existence, that, depending on how you see things, can be either profoundly disturbing or deeply comforting.

And with that, thanks to everyone who joined me on this adventure. I hope much was learned, and I hope to have you on the next trip.


Camera: Canon 6D

Lens: Sigma 20mm 1.4 Art Series Lens

EXIF: 6 Photo Panorama, 25 seconds each exposure, F/1.4, ISO 3200