Perseid Meteor Showers at the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve

This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to go out and watch the Perseid Meteor Showers for the 4th year in a row. Every year I make the trip out to a remote location to witness this incredible celestial event where earth moves through the trail of the Comet Swift Tuttle’s orbit; allowing us to see its remnants burn up in earth’s atmosphere. Despite the moon being in the waxing gibbous phase, we stayed up late enough to have it set behind the mountains, giving us a crystal clear view of the Milky Way and the thousands visible stars.

On top of this amazing phenomenon, what brings me to remote places hundreds of kilometres away is the calm sense of connection that one gets when spending time in nature. Removing yourself from your everyday life and putting myself into a remote forest never fails to reduce my feelings of stress and always improves my mental clarity after a few days. There have even been some studies that show that being in a forest can boost our immune system and improve focus. Patients recovering from surgery who have a “green view” from their hospital beds even tend to recover faster than those who don’t.

There is still plenty of time to escape the omnipresence of LED screens and orange traffic cones before the summer ends. Feel free to message me for recommendations on where to spend time in nature in Quebec!

Photo taken on the Nikon Z6

Lens: Nikon 14mm-24mm F/ 2.8

Settings: 25”, F/ 2.8, ISO 5000